There can be a lot of waste associated with validation activities; wasted time, wasted money & wasted fuel. Tumont has been established to provide the following key benefits to you:

  • Fixed price packages: Everythingís priced upfront, in a series of discrete jobs. Pay for what you use, not what you donít. Pay for the documents we deliver, not for someone sitting in a office 40 hours a week.
  • Flexibility: Add, subtract or substitute items as you go. Full ďend to endĒ validation support or document ghost-writing, as required.
  • Freedom: Supervise the document deliverables, not the people.
  • Low Carbon: Do your bit for the environment. Ever wondered what happened to teleworking? Well itís still waiting for people to make it happen! You wonít need us on site 90% of the time, so donít need to waste the fuel.